Hey, I'm Bjoern 👋
I write friendly tutorials for Celery, the Python task queue.

Celery is a powerful package and used in many Python applications. As it turns out, despite its popularity, the Celery documentation is sketchy, confusing and sometimes outright contradictory.

Choosing the correct configuration of your Celery app is often time consuming and frustrating. It can have a downright impact on the stability and costs of your app. For example, a suboptimal worker pool type might mean you allocate more computing resources to your app than necessary.

Over the past decade, I have been involved in numerous projects involving Celery and have seen many similar problems. I started to share my Celery knowledge and experience.

For work, I help companies of all shapes and sizes to assess, identify, and fix Celery related issues. Get in touch if you have an urgent problem that needs fixing or require a strategic assessment of your Celery app to ensure you run things cost efficiently.

Fix it fast

Tactical advice. Schedule a tactical audit to find and fix issues in your Celery deployment immediately.

Celery audit

Strategic advice. Through a mix of audit, consultancy, and training, let’s find out how to use resources efficiently, optimise performance and scalability, and ensure you are on top of things.